Zero Waste Vegan Podcast, Episode 1: What is ve-gan? What is zero waste?

Saturday morning and a week of working from home now proudly present: The first episode of the Zero Waste Vegan podcast! *applause, applause, excitement, applause* In this introductory episode, we discuss the big questions about veganism and zero waste living, and a fun time is had by all. Well, a fun time was had byContinue reading “Zero Waste Vegan Podcast, Episode 1: What is ve-gan? What is zero waste?”

Basics: Zero Waste

Welcome, friends. In the interest of making this blog as educational as possible (I am wearing my glasses rather than my contacts at the moment, which definitely ups the academic flavor), I figured I’d include some basics of veganism and zero waste for those of the beginner variety who could use a quick course inContinue reading “Basics: Zero Waste”

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping at MOM’s

Welcome to the thrilling second post of Zero Waste Vegan! (pause for applause and general merriment, celebration, throwing of roses, etc.) Today I come to you with news of my weekly zero waste grocery excursion, which involved a thirty-minute bus ride to that most holy of holy sites, MOM’s Organic Market. (I’ve resolved to useContinue reading “Zero Waste Grocery Shopping at MOM’s”

Zero Waste Vegan: Because why make things easy for yourself?

Greetings, friends. If you’re seeing this post, there’s a decent chance you wandered here by mistake. But since you’re here, take a seat on my 100% vegan cushions recycled from old T-shirts, and I’ll tell you all about this site and its intended purpose. As you may have guessed from the title, I am indeedContinue reading “Zero Waste Vegan: Because why make things easy for yourself?”

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