Veganuary: How to Go Vegan and Not Hate It

Cross-posted on Greetings, friends, and a very merry Veganuary to you! After the approximately 500 years that comprised 2020, it’s nice to take a clean step into 2021 and entertain a shred of optimism that this year may be better. And while we can’t control what The World at large does, we can atContinue reading “Veganuary: How to Go Vegan and Not Hate It”

Vegan Basics: But where do you get your protein?

If you feel like no one cares about you, your health, or what you do, announce that you’re vegetarian or vegan, and people will dash in from other rooms to inquire about whether your nutritional needs are being met. Guaranteed. At some point, we all decided that protein was the shining golden child of nutrients,Continue reading “Vegan Basics: But where do you get your protein?”

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