Zero Waste Vegan: Because why make things easy for yourself?

Greetings, friends. If you’re seeing this post, there’s a decent chance you wandered here by mistake. But since you’re here, take a seat on my 100% vegan cushions recycled from old T-shirts, and I’ll tell you all about this site and its intended purpose.

As you may have guessed from the title, I am indeed a vegan (I shall pause here in case you wish to inquire as to where my protein is acquired), and in an effort to make shopping and life in general as difficult as possible for myself, I have also recently been dabbling in zero waste/low waste living.

I’m interested in all things nutrition, vegan, and zero waste, so I hope to have some interesting-to-people-other-than-just-myself information to share about those things in the future. Until then, you can browse the two pages of this site that currently have content, enjoy the minimalist design, and dream of the glorious content to come.

And if you’re hungry for some actual content, feel free to stop by my author blog at

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